Imágenes de obras de artistas amigo/as, uno nuevo cada vez que me acuerdo
Pictures of friends' works - added whenever I remember to


Javier Barilaro, Born and lives in Buenos Aires


Multifaaceted and recognisable, Barilaro has made theatre, graphic design, he is the most interesting young editor in Spanish, as he founded with Washingtton Cucurto the social art project Eloísa Cartonera since 2003. since his times with the project "Belleza y Felicidaad", he started making paintings based in the imagery and culture of cumbia music, and more recently his baroque maps.

Editorial Mansalva

Eloisa Cartonera


Raimond Chaves

B. Barcelona, lives Lima

Manuel Saiz

A soul brother for me, Raimond has similar roots to mine. for his work for a long and beautiful project with Gilda Mantilla. Drawing his main way of expression, open eyes and heart his main tool.


Gilda Mantilla

B. Lima lives Lima

Manuel Saiz

Her work and the joint project Dibujando America with Raimond Chaves


Suwon Lee

B. Caracas lives Caracas

Suwon Lee

Suwon Lee (with Luis Romero) runs Oficina#1 in Caracas. Her work, featured in the New Museum's show "youger than Jesus" (2009) has always appeared to me as a very serious and intriguing practice, brave in a lonely contrast to Venezuela's traditional generational respect and play of references. She is creating her own place as a reference for the future.

View Suwon's exhibition in Oficina 1


Veronika Tzekova

B. Sofia, lives in Sofia and around.


Veronika works mostly around cities and their visual and sentimental gaps, creases and folds.



Manuel Saiz

B. Rioja Spain, lives in London and in PAL

Manuel Saiz

On residency in Rome for nine months, this old friend of mine is making a colossal work. He will not see the Colosseum for the whole 9 months of his stay. He is writing about everything relating to this idea from his blog:

for other works look at

He has recently published a very funny book entitled 101 Excuses. How art legitimises itself which you can buy online



Pablo Helguera

vive en NY

pablo helguera

(c) Pablo Helguera, from his book Artoons. This is still my favourite one.

"Helguera’s cartoons really do capture the foibles, ironies, and occasional stupidity of the art world with a clarity and economy that only a simple pen drawing and a short piece of text can achieve. Cartooning is rarely done in the art world (…) Maybe the problem isn’t the humor, but the truth." From the foreword by Adrás Szántó

look at most of his oeuvre here:


Jen Stark

vive en Miami FL

jen stark



Tom MacGrath

vive en NY

La calle la noche la velocidad. tiene unos de los mejores trabajos en monotipo que he visto.


Thorne Brandt y Elisa Harkins

Chicago(USA), live in Chicago


Compartimos residencia en Miami. Le pedí permiso a él para usar algunos de sus Gif animados. Ella actuó en Locust con sus imágenes de fondo

Juan José Olavarría
Valencia (VE) 1969, lives in Caracas

juan jose olavarria ?

Juan José Olavarría "viaducto-1" y "bandera-madre" 2008, copyright Juan José Olavarría 2008

With a perfect exhibition in Periférico Caracas in 2008, Olavarría has demonstrated that in Venezuela there is and there has been for a while, a gigantic lack of works that are political, intelligent, beautiful and skilled at once. He does the lot.


Luis Romero
VEN, lives in Caracas

luis romero

Luis Romero "insomnio" 2005-2007, acrylic on canvas, installation view. copyright luis romero 2007

Luis Romero is to me the most important shaman of the contemporary arts in Venezuela. He is the reason why I went back. He is a multi tasking, multi talented artist, co-director of Oficina#1, editor of PULGAR, creator of Tipos Moviles, a constant generator of activity and a constant provider of peace.


Lucía Pizzani
VEN/US, lives in London

lucia pizzani

the self, reflected, painted, hot: a caleidoscopic photographic work also mixed with nature and always beautifully installed from this new Londoner from Venezuela

image copyright lucía pizzani 2007


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Ana Laura Lopez
UR/ES/UK, lives in London

Do you remember Olive Morris? She worked with the Black Panther movement; set up Brixton Black Women's Group, was a founder member of The Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) and was central to the squatter campaigns of the 1970s. She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27. Artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre created a collective portrait of Olive Morris on a weblog, the aim of which is to bring together the personal memories of those who knew her, and publish information and materials relating to her life and work.

Leave your comments or add your memories:


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Leo Estol
AR, lives in Buenos Aires

this is part of his work in 6a bienal do mercosul. he had one of the best shows



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Daniel Bozhkov
on residency in rome


Daniel fue también co-residente para la bienal do mercosul en Porto Alegre y compartimos mucho tiempo en esa ciudad y en la triple frontera paraguaya, brasilera y argentina entre 2006 y 2007. El trabajo de Daniel fue con la comunidad guaraní. daniel vivió con un grupo guaraní argentino por casi un mes, comunicándose con ellos con su guaraní rudimentario -que ha mejorado muchísimo- y aprendiendo de ellos sus conocimientos artesanales de cestería y fabricación de figuras de madera. Para su muestra en Porto Alegre la comunidad construyó una casa tradicional de madera y tierra dentro del espacio, y Daniel mostró los trabajos realizados en el tiempo que pasó con ellos.

copyright daniel bozhkov and bienal do mercosul 2007

danielbozhkov (a)


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A-1 53167
lives in guatemala

ali gonzalez

A-1 53167, known also as Anibal, he is taking part also in bienal do mercosul as an artist in residence, he is working around the subject of the smuggling of goods through the Brasil-Paraguay border. the first image reproduced here is from an older work where he assaulted a passer-by in guatemala in order to make a piece ofwork with the borrowed money. thesecond is the 500 empty boxes smuggled from paraguay to brasil for the mercosul biennale.

copyright anibal lopez 2005 - copyright anibal lopez and bienal do mercosul 2007

a153167 (a)


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ali gonzález
lives in caracas

ali gonzalez

ali has several different series of works, all of them well rooted in a venezuelan abstract tradition and with a profound analysis of painting's languages since the 1940's. he has exhibited recently at periferico caracas and fernando zubillaga gallery, caracas

copyright ali gonzalez daza 2004-2007

alidaza (a)


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deborah castillo
vive en londres y caracas

in a solo show at sala mendoza, caracas in 2006, deborah exhibited a photo-soap (foto novela) and a series of postcards like the one pictured. she sometimers places them in red phone boxes around london

courtesy and copyright deborah castillo 2006


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mustafa hulusi
vive en londres

mustafa invade de vez en cuando las calles del este de londres con afiches que simplemente repiten su nombre, y en su ultima muestra en andrew mw projects (londres) encargó unas pinturas bellísimas a un pintor hiperrealista con el que logró imágenes como ésta, cargadas de rabia y de mensaje (para quien lo pueda y quiera ver).

copyright mustafa hulusi and mw projects


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luis salazar
vive en caracas



luis salazar works a lot, he is a great painter in whichever media he chooses to work, and his installations are in a way, an opportunity to see his studio clenaed-up. he makes clothes too, and he has recently echibited at oficina #1 (caracas) and hardcore contemporary art (miami)

images copyright luis salazar

luisalazart (a)

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