ruta rota

London Architecture Biennale 2006


press release

Ruta Rota (Broken Route) by Venezuelan artist Jaime Gili has been commissioned by art agents Modus Operandi to celebrate this year's London Architecture Biennale. There are two inter-related parts of the project: this installation at 5, Cheapside, and a poster series for 250 bus shelters along the Biennale's walking route.

Ruta Rota is inspired by the public art, architecture and design of Gili's native Venezuela.

'I grew up in Caracas surrounded by optical art by 20th century masters which interacts beautifully with the city's architecture and influences the popular abstract imagery used on local buses. In 'Ruta Rota' I wanted to create a similar experience in London for pedestrians and bus travellers.' JG

Conceived and organised by
Modus Operandi Art Consultants assisted by Sion Parkinson, with Riflemaker.
London Architecture Biennale 16 - 25 June 2006



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