Centari 6000 on stainless steel

Site-specific, semi-outdoor piece of an enormous scale for a two-family home. From the start of the architectural project, there was a thought and space for the work, which is prominently located in the outdoor corridor that communicates the two wings of the house, and which is visible from the main entrance to it.

The work took over two years from design to installation, and adapted in the process to a few changes in the design of the house. It is a great example of integration into the architecture and allows references to some of Gili’s milestones in this story of integration of the arts. One is Josep Lluis Sert’s Spanish Republic Pavilion, (1937) and the other, Victor Valera’s works with Carlos Raúl Villanueva for the Central University in Caracas (1950s). In Gili’s case, the materials of the piece are suited to the extreme climatic conditions of the tropical coast in Panama, but the pieces that compose the work are removable, each one of the 53 pieces of stainless steel hanging from a purpose built set of anchors.

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