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The biggest painting on earth. 16 storage tanks in South Portland Harbour. A painting to be seen by air, road, foot and satellite. The world’s largest public art painting, 24247 sq. m – 261000 sq. ft. and the first planned with satellite view in mind. Commissioned through public contest by by Maine Center for Creativity.

The actual painting is executed by local company AMEX, Georgia Flanagan is in charge of translating the drawings and plans to the tanks.

From the Maine Center for Creativity website: Maine holds a special place in the imagination. Its natural beauty is inspiration to artists and writers. Its allure entices millions of visitors every year from around the world. But the Maine Center for Creativity views Maine as more than a pretty place. The center is part of a ‘velvet revolution’ that’s energizing the state’s economy. It’s about the power of creativity benefitting Maine – through unique arts-and-industry collaborations. Our international Art All Around™ design competition is but one example. The Art All Around™ project is testament to the talent, creativity, and collaborative innovation driving Maine’s creative industries. There’s more to the story. Become a part of it here.


chris griffith maine center for creativity

site, 2008, photo Chris Griffith


jaime gili

Jaime Gili, initial project location sketch



maine center for creativityjaime gili maine center for creativity

jaime gili maine center for creativityjaime gili

(photos on site by Georgia Flanagan, except crew preparing paint, by JG)


tank 5, first out of 16, beautifully finished summer 2009

jaime gili

jaime gilijaime gili

photos JG


tank 111, finished summer 2010

jaime gili

photo Jean Magginis

jaime gilijaime gili

photos JG and Georgia Flanagan


From The Portland Press Herald:

Charles Lawton. "By painting tanks, Maine reaches for sky".

So what (besides 261,000 square feet of tanks with some weird new colors) is the big deal?

The mesmerizing designs and new paint are certainly preferable to letting the tanks peel and rust out, but it's still just a tank farm, isn't it? What's all the fuss about and why go to the trouble of an international competition for what's really nothing more than routine maintenance?

The answer, I think, is two-fold -- branding and community pride.

Why, you might ask, does L.L. Bean spend millions filling its website and catalogs with pictures of ruggedly handsome men sitting on docks, arms draped over their golden retrievers, gazing up the bay past their Old Town canoes?

Why does Down East magazine fill its covers with images of sailboats surging past lighthouses along rocky coasts and multicolored maples towering near white clapboard farmhouses?

Why does Oakhurst Dairy plaster its trucks with giant black and white cows beaming down from rolling green hills beneath panoramic white clouds floating across breath-taking blue skies? They're just routine marketing pieces, aren't they?

No, they're not. All are engaged in the synergistic process of benefiting from and simultaneously building the brand image of Maine -- an image of stunning physical beauty and happy, healthy, peaceful living.



tank 28, started summer 2010

jaime gilijaime gili

photos Georgia Flanagan


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