Since the mid-20th century, Venezuela has proudly embraced the global tradition of integrating the visual arts into architecture, reminiscent of the movement that emerged in the 1950s. Architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva emerged as a prominent practitioner, exemplified by his renowned work at the Universidad Central de Venezuela—a global exemplar of the successful "synthesis of the arts." Villanueva's visionary approach involved early collaboration with artists during the project's formative stages, resulting in a harmonious integration of art and architecture.

Since 2005, Gili has passionately embraced this artistic tradition, undertaking a series of endeavors that involve the creation of interior wall-paintings for private clients. Inspired by the Venezuelan legacy of integrating art and architecture, Gili meticulously merges his artwork with the existing architectural space, achieving a harmonious fusion. His clients, who deeply appreciate this tradition, often choose to proudly display these captivating works as permanent fixtures in their living spaces. In this curated selection, we invite you to explore Gili's remarkable artistic evolution, witnessing the captivating interplay between art and architecture throughout the years.