House of St. Barnabas
Soho Square, London

This exhibition, organised by Riflemaker, was the London version of the show with the same title organised the previous year in New York. However, due to the utterly different character of the space as well as the unavailability of the paintings shown in New York, this was quite a different exhibition. Entering the gallery, one first met a projection of Gili’s collection of photographs of Caracas’ urban microbuses, a famously repeated reference to contextualise the origins of his practice. In the main room, three very large paintings were leaning against the walls, fighting for attention within the baroque decoration of the House of St. Barnabas. A central piece was the iconic A127 Gran Salazar, leaning its full 4 meters in height against the wall. Finally, a series of small paintings was displayed in the flock-papered last room.