Exile Fleet


In this limited series of paintings, Gili combines the freshness and compositional speed of drawings, with technologies of automotive paint and metallic supports. The works in this series, as he says, are pure “crystallisation of ideas”, a clear, shiny distillation of moments frozen in time.

The paintings in this limited series partly reference Alejandro Otero’s Coloritmos, because of their format and the use of a specialised, external workshop and technology. The reference in this case, given the current Venezuelan context, is purposeful:

In this series Gili wants to link to the past history of Venezuelan art, to the present and the future. The title, “Exile Fleet”, refers to the potential power that the current diaspora can have in the rebuilding of the country, and reflect the fact that the works have ended up in many different cities, where each individual painting could be part of a large and powerful group that gravitates around a country, and prepares a comeback.

The paintings are made at the same workshop in Barcelona where the artcars of the Nomonochrome series are produced since 2014.