Exile Fleet


This is a new series of paintings that combine new paint technologies with the freshness and speed of Gili’s drawings. Gili says that they are “the crystallisation of an idea” having been made at the same Catalan workshop where the Nomonochrome artcar project was produced.

The paintings in the series remind one in some cases of Alejandro Otero’s Coloritmos with their format, palette and technology; but the current Venezuelan context of exacerbated diaspora and internal dismemberment embeds the idea of ‘exile’ in the creation of each work.

Like the Coloritmos, which are currently located in different collections around the world as opposed to the city where they were made, the pieces that make up the Exile Fleet series are created as part of a group with common features, conceived to travel and settle in different countries but always gravitating around Caracas’ past and its future.